The Meaning of Life.

Following my post on being an introvert I am often guilty of being completely absorbed within my own personal projects not so much television but more so with my particular obsession of the day which could be drawing, programming or simply wasting away at the app of the day.

But we must ask ourselves what is it we are always rushing off towards? The highlighted point of purpose in our society is essentially progress, but progress towards what? Have we defined a goal or is it just progress for progress sake? To what end do we plunder and pillage our societal resources and yes those resources include you and your family. When and where do we draw a line or will the line be drawn too late? In many ways it seems society as a whole has become a mere tool to accomplish the dreams of the rich to establish and progress their goals whatever they may be. Some seek an increased life span, others wish to merge with their technological resources but is it truly acceptable to amass these advances at the sake of our own limited lives.

What are are we giving up on a daily basis just to make ends meet or to see that our children have clothing and food to eat. I often wonder why the days seem to fly by faster when you are older but the truth is that we are the ones rushing them along.
We begin the day by rushing of and struggling to pass the day as quickly as possible just to go to sleep and do it again. We begin a habit of rushing our days by and before you know it you have aged 10 years, and your kids have aged 10 years. You look up and ask yourself where did it go?

So maybe the next time you are spending an hour playing the current popular iphone game maybe we could ask ourselves is there a way I can enrich this moment. Can I make a memory? Do I have a few moments to bring happiness and joy to those around me? Would this time be better spent with my partner or my child? We don’t get lost moments back there is no earned interest on your life span so maybe we should be more careful about how we are spending them.


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