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On Drawing God

When contemplating the question of drawing God, how would one begin to decide what to render. For each person how they perceive God will be determined by their cultural influences and their internal belief system whether religious, spiritual or otherwise.

As a question of creativity many find it inconceivable to depict an image of an all-powerful all-knowing being. Many will say no that they cannot but the mind of a child believes it can in its infinite possibilities of thought without years of filtered and watered down ideas of the ways the world is and what it should be.

How can we rely on our perception which is confined by the limits of our culture and capacity our minds? Is perception reality when every reality is perceived differently? Every persons interpretation of God will vary to some degree, becoming what we need it to be to fill the gaps in our minds and our hearts, to find reason to cope and to hope for a better life.

The question may not be can we draw god but can we draw the infinite capacity of our minds which continues to expand outward much like the universe. I believe humanity has a strong desire to be their perception of God and we are hurling toward a singularity of consciousness and a desire to be infinitely connected to others. The internet is an example of an external manifestation of that desire.